Jon Gifford

SE Radio 220: Jon Gifford on Logging and Logging Infrastructure

Venue: Loggly office, San Francisco, California
Robert Blumen
talks to Jon Gifford of Loggly about logging and logging infrastructure. Topics include logging defined, purposes of logging, uses of logging in understanding the run-time behavior of programs, who produces logs, who consumes logs and for what reasons, software as the consumer of logs, log formats (structured versus free form), log meta-data, logging APIs, logging as coding, logging and frameworks, the massive hairball of log file management, modern logging infrastructure in which log records are stored and indexed in a search engine, how searchable logs have transformed the uses of log data, log data and analytics, leveraging the log database for statistical insights, performance and resource issues of logging, are logs really different than other data that systems record in databases, and how log visualization gives users insights into their system. The show wraps up with a discussion of open source logging platforms versus commercial SAAS providers.

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  • Very good talk about logging and logging infrastructure. It’s an important tool to get the diagnosis for incidents. Also, enables ease of serviceability. Finally, the centralised data is a superior solution for cloud computing or clusters.

  • Nice espisode, again. However, I’ve noticed that the intro and the ending are much louder than the actual content, and I’ve had a hard time listening to it.

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