Jez Humble

SE Radio 221: Jez Humble on Continuous Delivery

Venue: XConf Hamburg 2014, Lindner Hotel, Hamburg
Johannes Thönes interviews Jez Humble, senior vice president at Chef, about continuous delivery (CD). They discuss continuous delivery and how it was done at Go, CD, and HP firmware; the benefits of continuous delivery for developers; Conway’s law and cross-functional teams; scary releases and nonscary releases; fix-forward, blue-green deployments, and A/B testing; origins of continuous delivery in lean; cycle time from check-in to live; the deployment pipeline; separate release and deployment; link to DevOps; continuous delivery in regulated environments; “everybody is responsible for the delivery process”; changing the culture to DevOps; stopping the production line; everything in version control; trunk-based development; configuration management; and container visualization. They end the interview by talking about how to quantify culture from the 2014 DevOps report.

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