Software Engineering Radio has been named a top resource by a wide range of sites, and the team works hard to make the show valuable for working software developers. The following list includes some of the sites that have recommended the show.






2018 and Before


Ryan Forrester (The 5 Best Software Engineering Podcasts)

Why We Like It: The podcast’s longevity is a testament to its quality. Its approach to tackling one topic per episode allows for in-depth exploration, often presenting complex subjects in an understandable and engaging way.

10pie (10 Best Computer Science Podcasts to Follow in 2023):

Software Engineering Radio is one of the most useful podcasts for Computer Science students, particularly those with a strong interest in software engineering.

Jim Rogan (The Best Podcasts for Software Engineers and Computer Programmers):

Software Engineering Radio is a great resource for anyone interested in software architecture and engineering, and its informative and engaging style makes it easy to learn new skills and stay up to date with the latest industry trends.

Nestify (Best Podcasts for Coders):

The high caliber of the guests featured on Software Engineering Radio is one of the show’s many great selling points. Professionals from academia, industry, and open-source groups, all with rich expertise in software, are addressing as guests. As a result of their candid discussion of a wide range of issues, this podcast is a fantastic resource for anybody with an interest in software engineering.

This podcast has a great deal of valuable information and is well organized. …While the advanced level of debate may be intimidating to newcomers, it is stimulating and thought provoking for experienced software developers.

Has Reini (drublic.deTop Software Architecture Podcasts)

Unlike other podcasts, all SE Radio episodes feature original content, ensuring that listeners are always getting fresh perspectives and insights.

Leverage Edu (Podcasts for Computer Science Students)

Not a new name, this podcast has gone on to create a niche of its own with its outstanding content appealing to computer geeks and techies.

Tracy Bannon, quoted in Mark Miller’s article at (35 Podcasts Recommended by People You Trust):

“The one that I love to keep tabs on is called Software Engineering Radio, published by the IEEE computer society. It is absolutely a haberdashery of new ideas, processes, lessons learned. It also ranges from very practical action oriented advice the whole way over to philosophical discussions that are necessary for us to drive innovation forward. Professionals from all different domains contribute. It’s not a platform for sales and marketing pitches!” – Tracy Bannon, Senior Principal / Software Architect & DevOps Advisor, MITRE


“The coolest thing about Software Engineering Radio and what ultimately makes it such a great resource are the subjects and the people they interview … Another thing I would like to mention is the format of the episodes. They are interviews and the team at SE Radio go to great lengths to prepare and ask just the right questions to illuminate the topic at completely and extract pearls of wisdom from the people they interview. I think this format is better than a speech or a presentation because of the interaction between the interviewer and the interviewed.”


Stories behind the products you love
Because it is the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) that produces Software Engineering radio, you can expect quality content aimed at professional developers. Episode 285, with James Cowling from DropBox, is a standout, an ideal way to learn how to build large-scale distributed systems from a company that has a proven track record in doing so.

A Brief Selection from Our Readers

  • Fantastic stuff: The best podcast on its subject matter, without a doubt. Clear, concise and current – what else could you ask for?! Submitted by: clivevanhilten
  • Exceptional podcast: It achieves the aims set out in its description perfectly, this is a lasting resource for software developers. Well done! Submitted By: j.n.h.wilson
  • Great podcast: This podcast deals with the real issues of modern software design. […] The coverage of topics is excellent and it is something to which all software engineers should listen. Submitted By: aiyagari
  • Best thing going: Without a doubt the best podcast going. Everything is great – the topics, the guests, the level of detail, insight, and relevance. Cant get enough. Submitted By: systover
  • Always Interesting: There are a couple of nice things about this podcast. First, its not totally devoted to topics surrounding some platform or vendor […] The authors also seem to strike the right level of discussion of key concepts and ideas. For instance, I don’t work in the application areas that many of the authors do but the concepts, lessons, and abstractions often have relevance anyway [..] Submitted By: patnotz
  • SE-Radio is great: This is a professional podcast that present a language neutral and thorough analysis of programming issues and strategies. Excellent. Submitted By: jedatu
  • Excellent Resource: Great content, presented clearly and seriously. Excellent for learning and generating ideas. Submitted By: FHWData
  • Informative, inspirational and entertaining: Software Engineering Radio gave me the opportunity to listen to real professionals talk about real software engineering subjects. It is a great feat that they managed to be informative, inspirational, and entertaining, even after using a foreign lanugage to express themselves. Great job. I hope they keep the ball rolling. Submitted By: jj2
  • Remarkable educational value: This year I decided to use it as course material for my software architecture course.
    Submitted by: Martin Robillard, Assistant Professor, McGill University
  • New look I have been away for three months and here we are. A new look for the website. Very nice indeed.
    Well done!

  • I also express my thanks to the great job you folks do helping the software community. Hats off to you “se-radio” and thanks a lot again to Markus and the entire team. I do my bit in letting more people know about this site.

  • Awesome shows! I can’t wait to download whatever is next. I really enjoyed the recent shows, including ones on Scala, JUnit, Agile, NoSQL and older shows on Voldemort, Hadoop, C++0XX, and so many more. Keep up the great work!

  • As a software engineer in training (1 year left) it is inspiring to hear real people who put the stuff I study into practice. This podcast encourages me to work harder towards my degree, learn more about developing and popular software development strategies, and reconsider redirecting my career towards software development. To conclude, cheers to se-radio!

  • I am amazed at the quality of both the interviewee and interviewer. The questions posed and the answers therein help flesh out and put more depth behind the concepts and ideas given in the previous answer. It helps me explore the universe of software engineering, architectures and designs and languages. It reminds me that even with a career spanning 6 years in IT, there are things to learn than I had dream’t off.

  • hey you guys,

    i’m really really impressed with your work and efforts.
    you’re doing a great job – infusing me (and the rest of the world) with computer/programming knowledge.
    every episode i listen to, i more want to become a part of programming world. especially i like the episodes concerning testing, eXtreme programming and functional programming (as i’m learning haskell).
    please keep on bringing stuff in my ears -> brain.

    ps. is it possible to denoize the erik meijer episode – the recording quality is unbearable

  • Hi, I arrived late to SE Radio, but am making up for lost time. I decided to start at the beginning, and have listened to the first 75 episodes in the last six weeks. Hopefully I’ll be fully caught up by Christmas. Lots of topics I had not explored before and even on areas I know well its a great refresher. I’m also recommending some of the earlier episodes on things like concurrency and error handling to members of my team. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  • Hi, it’s really a very interesting podcast for people (like me) who are interested in software engineering and DSL topics. Great work – please continue!
    Thanks Serano

  • I’ve been learning English for long time and always felt the most of IT related podcasts are boring. I found SE Radio is the best listening material for me that makes me very concentrated on listening to it as its contents are awesome. I don’t usually give any comments on websites, but I decided to do so to thank you guys 🙂

  • I have recently started listening to your podcasts, about 3 months ago and am currently through the first 70 podcasts. I wanted to mention how much you guys have inspired me with your topics and discussions. I think the information and the format in which you provide the information is fantasitc. Hopefully I will catch up soon to the most recent podcasts.

    You guys are my heroes! Keep up the great and important work.

    Best regards,
    Z Harris

  • Great stuff! I’ve learnt so much from these podcasts, especially in having a abstract view of what we are working on these days . Thank you SE-Radio team.

  • This is unique on the web, it’s so inspiring to hear experts bring nuances to the table, it’s very valuable for those aiming to be an engineer.

    There is only one downside: 192kbps to record a conversation over the phone?? 96kbps would be high fidelity for a studio recording of speech! There are big parts of the world that are on flaky 3G connections, a 64kbps (or lower) download option would be much appreciated!