• Hi,

    are these radio recordings are free or need to buys.

    if need to purchase: please send me details to mail id

    if free, I am not download the recordings by clicking on download button, please suggest.

    Shashiram Piendla

  • Hello Shashiram,

    The podcast is entirely free. You can download each episode separately by going to the page for the episode and clicking on the “Download” link or you can subscribe with a podcatcher like iTunes and let it download all the episodes.

  • Hi,

    If I keep copies of se-radio episodes in local servers of my company and use them for training or mentoring purposes of employees, is that considered non-commercial and allowed under the Creative Commons license of this content? Or is that a commercial use because my company is a for-profit company?

  • Viswanath, as long as you are not selling the downloads or trying to profit from them, using them as training tools is a perfectly acceptable use and we’re happy to hear that you would do so.