SE Radio 206: Ken Collier on Agile Analytics

Johannes Thönes talks to Dr. Ken Collier, Director of Agile Analytics at ThoughtWorks about Agile Analytics. The outline includes: descriptive analytics, predictive analytic and prescriptive analytics; artificial intelligence, machine learning, data mining and statistics; collaborative filtering; data science and data scientists; data warehousing and business intelligence; online analytical processing (OLAP), extract transform load (ETL), feature engineering, agile processing pipeline (kenfrastructure), big data, what is agile and what does it mean in analytics. They wrap up with talking about the future of data science and the ethics of big data analytics. The example used in this episode is Amazon’s anticipatory shipping and a credit fraud detection.

Venue: ThoughtWorks North American Away Day, The Westin Peachtree, Atlanta, Geogia

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