Christof Ebert

SE Radio 190: Lean (Software) Development

Recording Venue: WebEx
Guest: Christof Ebert
Christof Ebert, managing director of Vector Consulting Services talks with Frances Paulisch on his insights to how lean applies to product development. The interview centers around five key principles of lean development, namely end-to-end focus on creating value for the customer, eliminating waste, optimizing value streams, empowering people, and continuously improving. This IEEE podcast addresses lean software development as opposed to management or manufacturing theories. In that context, we sought to address some key questions: What design principles deliver value, and how are they introduced to best manage change? Many practical examples illustrate how to introduce lean without strangulating development.

Show Notes

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  • Great episode – I learned a lot about lean development and plan to apply most of this to my own development efforts. Christof certainly knows his subject material.

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