Martin Fowler and Pramod Sadalage

SE Radio 186: Martin Fowler and Pramod Sadalage on Agile Database Development

Recording Venue: Skype
Guest: Martin Fowler and Pramod Sadalage
In this episode, we talk with Pramod Sadalage and Martin Fowler about database evolution and agile database development. We discuss the basic challenges for working with a database in an agile development culture and how to include database design and most of all, database evolution, in the usually short development cycles of modern software development methods. We talk about continuous integration for database-related code changes using scripted database schema changes, the usage of multiple database schemas to overcome centralized deployments for development teams, how to migrate data in incremental steps, and what tools can help in this agile environment. We discuss how to break down database refactorings in small and incremental steps, one of the most important parts of integrating database changes into an agile development flow.

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