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SE Radio 37: eXtreme Programming Pt.1

Hosts: Alexander and Arno
This is the first of two episodes where Arno and Alex discuss eXtreme Programming in se-radio’s development process track. eXtreme Programming (XP) revolutionized the way of thinking about software development methodologies and helped to make the agile movement popular. In this episode they discuss the very basics of XP, its value system, principles and the basic practices used in an XP project. The second episode will continue the introduction adding the missing practices and how to introduce XP into projects.

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  • I realize this is an old episode, but I just listened to it today. Must say I really liked it 🙂

  • […] Jeff’s Post from last week, I figured I would follow suite and provide a synopsis of Kent Beck’s Episode 37: eXtreme Programming Pt 1. I found that overall XP is a set of best practices for working effectively and feeling valued as a […]

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