Bill Venners

SE Radio 322: Bill Venners on Property Based Tests

Bill Venners speaks to Matthew Farwell about Property Based Tests. The show covers: what a property based test is, how it differs from example based testing; why you would want to use them; use cases for property based tests; when you shouldn’t use property based tests; how property based testing impacts a team’s development process; how to define properties; the sorts of properties that you can test using property based testing; test oracles, there and back again; how to generate random structured data; how to avoid combinatorial explosion, how to generate context dependent random data; how a shrinker works; how to create your own shrinker.

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  • If you follow the thought process introduced by the guest all the way through and see where it leads next, it inevitably leads to wanting to the pre and post conditions to BE the code. So instead of just getting the “unit tests for free”, you get the implementation for free.

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