Jonathan Stark

SE Radio 300: Jonathan Stark on Mobile App Development

Nate Black interviews Jonathan Stark on Mobile App development. Topics include: platforms for mobile development, making decisions about how to develop mobile apps, how to deploy mobile apps, native apps vs. progressive web apps, React Native, and the future of mobile applications. Jonathan shares his expert knowledge about the evolution of the mobile ecosystem and where it is headed.

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  • Wonderful episode. Thanks Jonathan for explaining the pros of React and React Native so lucidly and sharing where you think the mobile space is headed.

  • I very much enjoyed and appreciated this episode. This is a highly relevant topic for many of us out here in the “real world” who are just beginning to look at mobile solutions for our internal, enterprise apps. I especially appreciated Jonathan Stark’s pragmatic approach to mobile development. He clearly has worked in the business world where budgets, staffing and operational demands constrain the architecture and technology decisions we make. In such an environment, we are likely to have to live with those decisions for a decade or more as today’s new code becomes tomorrow’s legacy app.

    This episode provided an informative, unembellished look at the mobile options that are out there today. It has helped me considerably to increase my knowledge and narrow my choices as I decide on a mobile roadmap for the custom, desktop apps we use in our medium-size enterprise.

    Great job! And thank you for getting this one out there.

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