Edson Tirelli

SE Radio 299: Edson Tirelli on Rules Engines

Robert Blumen talks to JBoss Drools project lead Edson Tirelli about Rules Engines. The show covers: the nature of business rules; rules and facts; rules and actions; the importance or rules to a business; the structure of a business rule; how many is “a lot” of rules?; communication about rules between the business and software engineers; domain-specific languages programming languages for rules; what is a rules engine?; how does the system communicate facts to the rules engine?; how the rules engine executes rules efficiently; the RETE algorithm; stateful versus stateless rules; complex event processing; the JBoss server; developing with the Drools toolset; size, speed and efficiency of the rules engine; how do rules fit into the modern artificial intelligence environment with more data-driven approaches?

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