Michael Nygard

SE Radio 257: Michael Nygard on Clojure in Practice

Venue: Skype
Michael Nygard of “Release It!” fame talks with Stefan Tilkov about his experience using the Clojure programming language. Topics include the tool chain and development process, the Clojure learning curve, and on-boarding new developers. Michael explains the similarities and differences compared to typical OO languages when implementing domain logic, and uses both game development and typical web development projects as examples. Finally, the two discuss how well Clojure can be used in the face of long-running projects, and some typical obstacles and strategies for introducing it to real-world scenarios.

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  • Excellent show! Stefan is bringing a new voice to SER and its always a pleasure to hear Michael advocate for Clojure. We also have a small podcast (called defn) dedicated to Clojure if you want to go deeper.

  • Great show! I really enjoyed it, and I especially liked that Stefan pushed back on some of the answers, so Michael had to defend/expand his position. I wish more interviewers would do this – it leads to much better discussions. Well done!

  • Excellent episode – very enlightening and broadening my spectrum in this wonderful trade.

  • Awesome, more Clojure content YAY

    What a great episode from SE, I’m studying Clojure and I found that episode and that with Hickey, these resources are great.

    Regards from Brazil 🇧🇷

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