Eric Lubow

SE Radio 189: Eric Lubow on Polyglot Persistence

Recording Venue: Skype
Guest: Eric Lubow
Eric Lubow and Robert discuss polyglot persistence, a term used to describe systems that incorporate multiple specialized persistent stores rather than a single general-purpose database.  Eric provides insights into the forces driving this trend:  including diverse data usage patterns, low latency, and increasing volumes of data.  The emergence of many free storage servers that perform well much better than most general-purpose databases for specific usage patterns has made polyglot persistence cost-effective.   Eric shares some of his experiences deploying storage solutions, programming languages, and the driver libraries.  Eric and Robert wrap up with a discussion of the impact of polyglottism on architecture and testing.  Along the way, they explore the cultural shifts that need to take place as organizations move from the one-size-fits-all model.

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