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SE Radio 29: Concurrency Pt.3

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Host(s): Michael Alexander
The third part of our concurrency series by Michael and Alexander discusses how to build highly scalable servers. The discussion focusses especially on event-driven servers. As possible solution patterns a reactor-based design is suggested along-side several patterns for multi-threading issues: Reader/Writers Locks, Thread Pools, and Leader/Followers.

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  • AFAIK, the idea to use multi-threading to implement architectural structure (implying the use of many threads, but many of them extremely small) is based on the work of Dave Cheriton: “Thoth System: Multi-Process Structuring and Portability”, 1982.
    Not necessarily only in embedded systems, the use of simplest threads to implement error handling (a.k.a. “vulture threads”) can greatly simplify the complexity.
    Descendants of this ‘Thoth’ system were “Waterloo Port” and the early versions of “QNX” (where embedded systems come into play again).
    When interested in details, you’re welcome to contact me.

    Johan Bezem

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