Jens Gustedt

SE Radio 414: Jens Gustedt on Modern C

Jens Gustedt, author of the Modern C book, former co-editor of the C standard document ISO/IEC 9899:2018 and a senior scientist at the French National Institute for Computer Science and Control (INRIA) discuss what is classed as Modern C, what is legacy C and what has changed in the past 50 years in the C world. Host Gavin Henry spoke with Gustedt about where C came from, why it was standardized, Threads (the modern way), memory management, programmers vs compilers, security coding, casting, ecosystems, embedded C, The Standard Library, a beautiful clean small c library called Musl, gcc, clang, Intel, variable best practices and what you should do in your C career as a software engineer.

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  • Good show. I appreciate the discussion or trade off’s and limitations – much preferred to the usual fan boy guff. I have been reading “Modern C”, having read K&R 25 years ago. The insights into modern constructs and the abstract machine are really helping. Props!

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