Spencer Kimball

SE Radio 413: Spencer Kimball on CockroachDB

Spencer Kimball, Co-Founder and CEO of Cockroach Labs talks about CockroachDB, an open source distributed database system. Host Akshay Manchale spoke with Kimball about his past experience with relational databases that convinced him of the need for a better open source distributed database. . Spencer talks about challenges involved in using a sharded single node relational database, NoSQL alternatives, and presents CockroachDB as a resilient, distributed database which can scale as needs grow while considering ease of use through SQL for developers and horizontally scaling a cluster of CockroachDB nodes. He talks about data residency, user’s expectations of latency and observed latencies in geographically distributed systems and wraps up with thoughts about where CockroachDB is going in the future in a services oriented world.

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