Rich Harris

SE Radio 402: Rich Harris on the Svelte Javascript Framework

Rich Harris, author of the Javascript module bundler Rollup, discusses with SE Radio’s Adam Conrad his Javascript framework Svelte as a high-performance alternative to mainstay frameworks such as React, Angular, and Vue. They begin with a brief overview of Svelte and how it came to be, then dive in on the compiler-as-a-framework concept, briefly discussing its comparison to other Javascript compilers like Babel. From there, the episode takes a deeper dive into comparing Svelte to other Javascript frameworks: Angular, Vue, React, and other smaller languages-as-frameworks, such as ClojureScript and Elm. The interview explores the internals of Svelte — from understanding the compiler’s “magic” to all the necessary considerations for web development, including accessibility, performance, SEO, and testing. Finally, Harris and Conrad discuss the launch of the latest version of Svelte (v3), its reception, and how SE Radio listeners can contribute to the Svelte codebase.

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