Conor Delanbanque

SE Radio 313: Conor Delanbanque on Hiring and Retaining DevOps

Kishore Bhatia talks with Conor Delanbanque about DevOps Hiring, building and retaining top talent in the DevOps space. Topics include DevOps as a special Engineering skill, building DevOps mindset and culture, challenges in hiring and retaining top talent and building teams and best practices for DevOps engineers and employers hiring for these skills.

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  • Anyone can learn tools? It’s better to have a cultural fit? This is why I don’t have a job because of people like Conor D. So much for going to school and further education in Engineering. Thanks a lot! This sets up people like me who don’t have an undergraduate micro biology degree/medical degree for failure. So unfair!

  • It is unfortunate to hear the IEEE talking to a technically inept IT recruiter on an engineering podcast…

  • Great episode! It’s such a privilege to hear from someone with direct experience in hiring for this field who can give that top level view.

    I moved over from programming to devops 9 months ago, and there was a ton of good advice for me to continue growing my role and value with my company.


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