Morgan Wilde

SE Radio 291: Morgan Wilde on LLVM

Morgan Wilde talks with SE Radio’s Jeff Meyerson about the LLVM compiler toolchain. They begin with a discussion of how a compiler works and how compiled code executes against different processor architectures. Using the JVM as a model for interoperability, they move on to how LLVM is a system that optimizes an intermediate representation (IR), which is similar to the Java bytecode: every programming language that compiles down to IR can leverage the same optimizations of that IR.  The conversation concludes with a discussion of applications of LLVM and the future of the ecosystem.

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  • Extremely poor. The speaker confuses operating systems with machine architecture, cannot speak to the IR optimizer (which is, after all, the core of this technology) and even mixes IR “load” and “store”. One of the few episodes of SE Radio that seriously disappointed me.

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