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SE Radio 230: Shubhra Kar on NodeJS

Venue: Internet
Shubhra Kar of StrongLoop talks to Jeff Meyerson about Node.js. Node allows for server-side JavaScript. Shubra and Jeff explore why Node is so important from three standpoints: isomorphic JavaScript, the single-threaded-concurrency model, and the “API economy.” Isomorphic JavaScript apps have their own control and viewing logic, but they share the state and specification of the models between client and server. Node’s single-threaded event loop concurrency model is ideal for Web programming, where time is traditionally wasted while waiting on I/O. The API economy is dominated by JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), which Node treats as the first-class data model. Shubhra also discusses the changing landscape of the client-server model in a conversation about Browserify, which creates a directory structure in the browser, allowing for conflict management between client and server. Other topics discussed include MongoDB, model-driven development, and V8.

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