Mary Gorman and Ellen Gottesd

SE Radio 195: Ellen Gottensdiener and Mary Gorman

Recording Venue: WebEx
Guest: Ellen Gottensdiener and Mary Gorman
Ellen Gottensdiener and Mary Gorman of EBG Consulting talk with Neil Maiden about agile projects, requirements practices and their new book entitled Discover to Deliver: Agile Product Planning and Analysis. The conversation begins with an exploration of how agile has changed requirements and project practices over the last decade. Ellen and Mary then talk about some of the big concepts in agile requirements — creating a product by identifying and building product options that provide value, and recognizing the importance of product partnerships. Particular importance is placed on the structured conversation, a technique for ongoing, systematic and collaborative delivery of product options. The conversation ends with Ellen and Mary recommending changes that analysts might adapt in their current requirements practices.

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