Michael Hunger

SE Radio 194: Michael Hunger on Graph Databases

Recording Venue: Skype
Guest: Michael Hunger
Michael Hunger of Neo Technology, and a developer on the Neo4J database, joins Robert to discuss graph databases. Graph databases fall within the larger category of NoSQL databases but they are not primarily a solution to problems of scale. They differentiate themselves from RDBMS in offering a data model built with graphs rather than tables. Michael provides insight into many conceptual questions including: What is a graph? Is the world a graph? When are graphs a better representation of a problem than tables? When does a graph database outperform a relational database? How do graph databases scale? Michael also provides some insights into how thinking in terms of graphs changes the way that engineers view their domain. Graph databases are able to natively support queries that would be nearly impossible to express in SQL. The discussion also covers the consistency models of graph databases and an overview of the development environment for graph databases. Finally, the guest gives an overview of the emerging graph database space and where we are on the adoption curve.

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