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SE Radio 183: SE Radio becomes part of IEEE Software

Since Software Engineering Radio was founded in 2006, it has published over 180 episodes on a wide variety of software engineering topics. SE Radio has evolved into one of the premier software podcasts, and many luminaries and opinion leaders in the field have appeared on the show. In fact, we just reached a huge milestone: over 5 million downloads.

Starting in 2012, SE Radio will continue producing podcasts under the wings of IEEE Software, a respected magazine published by the IEEE Computer Society. The authority on translating theory into practice, IEEE Software ( delivers reliable, leading-edge information to software developers and managers. SE Radio’s founder and co-editor Markus Voelter was on the magazine’s editorial board for the last three years, so collaboration between the two organizations was a natural fit. The topics covered by IEEE Software are quite similar to those in SE Radio, focusing not on hype or short-term trends but rather on the “timeless fundamentals.” Both the SE Radio team and IEEE Software staff and volunteers are excited about this new relationship.

IEEE Software will keep the SE Radio brand alive and will keep the content licensed under Creative Commons. Some of the current team members will remain on the team or at least produce an episode from time to time. But new folks will join, bringing in their own style, topics, and emphasis, ensuring that SE Radio evolves and remains at the leading edge.

SE Radio’s core team—Martin Lippert, Michael Kircher, and Markus Voelter—want to thank the people who made SE Radio possible: Eberhard Wolff, Arno Haase, Alexander Schmid, Cristi Popovici, Volker Mosthaf, Bernd Kolb, Robert Blumen, Scott Jensen, and Attila-Mihaly Balazs. But most of all, they thank all the listeners who have kept SE Radio going with positive feedback and downloaded some of the most popular episodes up to 40,000 times.

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  • Many thanks for all the work the team have put into se-radio over the years, I’ve learned a great deal and enjoyed it in the process.
    looking forward to more to come, via the IEEE

  • It was a great pleasure – and I hope will continue to be – listenting those episodes. Not the topics and the hugh pile of knowledge only, the style is keeping it interesting. Its a great way of teaching. I got lots of new topics on my radar.
    Thanks guys

  • Thanks for everyone on the se-radio team, and I have listened to it for years, and this association with IEEE will make you all the more stronger.

    Congratulations on this great recognition !!

  • Hi Markus, thank you the energy that you put into SE Radio. 6 years is quite a long time, more than the lifetime of a typical podcast. We will miss you as an interviewer. I like your lively style.
    Will there be chances to participate from your software knowledge in the future? No more SE-radio, you have retreated from JAX. Poor times…
    Lothar, Bonn/Germany

  • Thanks Lothar. You can always read the DSL book I am working on 🙂 On a more serious note, I had submitted to (W-)JAX for several times now, but it is always rejected. They don’t even *tell* submitters that stuff has been rejected. You have to find that out via the official program. That sucks! Won’t submit there again…


  • Sorry I didn’t figure out I was a software engineer until I was 40 and had been at it for 10 years… I had to compress your many years of entertaining and highly informative interviews into a month of commutes. Thanks!

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