SE Radio 160: AspectJ and Spring AOP with Ramnivas Laddad

Recording Venue: QCon San Francisco 2009
Guest(s): Ramnivas Laddad
Host(s): Robert
This episode is a conversation with Ramnivas Laddad about aspect-oriented programming (AOP), Aspect J, and Spring AOP. We review the fundamental concepts of AOP, discuss AspectJ (an open source compiler that extends java with support for AOP), and cover the Spring Framework’s proxy-based AOP system. Laddad also gives his thoughts on the use cases for AOP and where we are in the technology adoption curve, and updates on the state of the AspectJ project itself.

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  • I am not entirely sure if the host has listened to all of the previous episodes dealing more or less with AOP, because I think this episode has not enough new content. Most of the episode is about AOP in general, which has been discussed before. AspectJ and Spring AOP were compared in episode about Spring. New information was only that with AspectJ you can advice Spring AOP aspects and that there is Spring Roo.

  • It’s interesting to hear what the interview sounds like before editing but I’m not sure that this version is what was supposed to be posted.

  • Yes, this was a mistake on our side. We apologize for that. The correct file has now been uploaded, though iTunes might have trouble reloading it. Best is to use the direct download from this page.

  • The new guy is working out well, and I like the questions he asks. I especially like the question about if/when AOP will mature from being experimental to becoming mainstream. I think for that to happen it will have to break away from its root in OO. Seems like AOP is a lot easier to implement in a Lisp-y language, and the interview touched on this, but I’m curious if we will see Aspects in the newer functional languages?

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