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SE Radio 146: Interesting Patterns at EuroPLoP 2009

Recording Venue: EuroPLoP 2009
Guest(s): many
Host(s): Markus
This episode is a discussion with various authors of patterns reviewed at EuroPLoP 2009. Topics include Product Line Engineering, Distributed Development, Open Source and Embedded Systems

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  • The value of the “pattern” approach finally clicked for me towards the end of this programme when the SANDBOX pattern was discussed, and it occurred to me how much becomes possible when patterns are given short and memorable names. Even before they are complete enough to form a “pattern language” per se, names are symbols which we can use while discussing and comparing these design patterns. Given that there are no italics or block capitals in a podcast, it would be good to use some other way to really emphasize the names of patterns while discussing them, so that listeners remember them.

  • This patterns session was surprisingly good. I enjoyed the short exposition on each that was forced by the discipline of having to do so many in a short time.

    Of course, this does lead to a slightly disquieting thought that a lot of the podcasts are quite long but actually in practice one only gets one or two ideas out of them. I wonder if there is something in the cutting down (or something else) of them that might be of benefit?

    Charles Weir

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