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SE Radio 132: Top 10 Architecture Mistakes with Eoin Woods

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  • Yes I agree the best modles are domain spacific.

    But for the general part ( what UML tryes to do ) have a look at eiffel/bon. It provides excelent: reversable, executable, OO, modeling.

    Eiffel is a very powerful yet simple general perpose OO programming language. It has many of the features that are being added to other languages, but more elagent. It makes programming easyer and more fun. It maps more closely to OO ideas that other OO languages. It frees your mind to think about the problem domain. It is easy to read and write.

    Some features of Eiffel:

    • Strong static types.
    • Generics ( from the beginning ).
    • Tuples.
    • Multiple objects in, return multiple objects out.
    • Design by Contract (where F# came from).
    • Uniform access, what C# properties do, but with simpler code in service class.
  • Thanks for the post.. planning, whether in on or offline, is just so important in the long run…

    Again, nice post, now I have to get back to planning the new architecture for a site about legal jobs

    (shameless promotion, I know)

    Looking forward to your next contribution.


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