SE Radio 127: Usability with Joachim Machate

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  • Dear SE-Radio Team


    I request you to provide an episode on the following topics

    • Build automation
    • Continuous integration
    • Free Tools for SE
    • Architecture for Embedded systems
    • Testing Tools for embedded systems

    ./S.SenthilKumar, India

  • If everyone will write such a request, I think there will be large variety in topics, so individual request sounds like an unrealistic thing. Moreover, Markus mentioned in some episode that they have quite a lot of material and that they will publish topics they like and think that they are relevant. Correct me if I am wrong.

  • Yes… also I find “request” a somewhat inappropriate term…. you can’t “request” anything. You can suggest, or even better, help do an episode on a topic. But “request” is not something I am going to react to.


  • Hi guys
    When people are not writing in their first language, I always try to be generous when interpreting what they have said.

    Can I suggest that your correspondent is politely recommending some topics that you might consider for future episodes? I didn’t read any ‘demands’ in their post.

    Best wishes,


  • Thanks Patrick for pointing to the intercultural issues involved in misunderstanding SentilKumar’s post.

    I have found that typical Indian English is perceived as very rough by people from many nationalities. However this is not just a problem with Indians or with non-native speakers. I have talked with British and South African people that are considering the American’s use of English as quite rude.

    May I suggest an episode about Intercultural Communication in Software Engineering. I believe that this topic is quite relevant in a world with global software delivery models. There a plenty of people with a good knowledge about intercultural communication, but I have yet to meet anybody who is able to explain this issue from a software engineer’s perspective. Maybe somebody could help with finding that person?



  • Do you have any suggestion with whom we could talk about this on SE Radio?


  • I hate to admit that I don’t have a decent idea. The experts on intercultural communication I am aware off don’t have specific knowledge about intercultural communication in software engineering.

    You might check with Chad Fowler. He has written a book “My Job Went to India (And All I Got Was This Lousy Book)” (published at the “Pragmatic Bookshelf”, Chad Fowler lived and worked in India, setting up and leading an offshore software development center for a large multinational company. Although his book is not explicitly about intercultural communication, apparently he has gained a good understanding about the software engineering culture in India and possibly can contribute something to this topic.



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