Chris Grindstaff

SE Radio 125: Performance Engineering with Chris Grindstaff

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Guest(s): Chris Grindstaff
Host(s): Martin
In this episode Martin talks with Chris Grindstaff about the fundamentals of performance engineering. The episode discusses when and how to work on performance of client- and server-side systems, what you should take into account during development to avoid performance issues, typical situations that cause performance problems, and some common pitfalls when analysing performance.

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  • This is the absolute first module we talk about and it speaks at a basic level to whoever is in the class, be it developers, infrastructure, project management, etc. We discuss performance engineering and all the things that subject should entail when profiling a application from both the application side and infrastructure side. It is always amazing to listen to the conversations between application and infrastructure trainees when they understand that neither one is alone in this process. Both have a profound impact and the more information sharing that occurs, the better the deployment, which makes the application group look good and cuts down on firefighting on the infrastructure side afterwards which makes them happy too.


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