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SE Radio 114: Christof Ebert on Requirements Engineering

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Guest(s): Christof Ebert
Host(s): Markus
In this episode we talk to Christof Ebert about requirements engineering. As the name “engineering” suggests, we need to be systematic when working and managing requirements. Christof will structure RE into several activities, namely elicitation (identifying the relevant requirements), specification (clearly describing requirements), analysis (synthesizing a solution), verification and validation (achieving good requirements quality), comittment (allocating requirements to a project, product release or iteration), and management (keeping track of the implementation status of requirements). In this episode we discuss these activities and highlight lots of practical guidance.

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  • Interessting introduction. I would like to hear a lot more on this topic, if possible.
    From my perspective you could also extend the podcast to two or two and a half hours if the topic allows/demands it.
    I am also a regular listener of Tim Pritloves Chaosradio Express (technical too, but with another focus), and his podcast always take as long as it needs to say all relevant things (one to three hours); in his podcast he also is a good rolemodel on how to interview people.
    I would prefer a longer, more deeper and detailed podcast (even if only produced every two weeks or so) over the < 1 hour format.
    I generally like your interview style, but sometimes the monologues get too long. It is then in the style of short question, long answer and far from a lively discussion.
    As I read, Christof Ebert also gives a talk at the university of stuttgart to this topic. A hint, even if it only adresses a small group of listeners, would have been welcome.

    Keep up the good work, Thanks & Greetings

  • Great Episode (as, IMHO, all interview episodes with Markus asking the questions). In general, I really like your interview-style. Whenever i think “well, but what if …?” while listening, you ask that question. But i also have criticism (of sorts). In episodes like this one, that deal with development-process topics, I would really like more examples, especially in more reallistic (from my point of view) scenarios. How does it scale with the teamsize, what if customers are not available (for questioning, evaluating, etc.)? These question do arise out of my personal working-experience, so other might not really find them that interesting.
    Last but not least, I agree with the above guy on the length of the podcast.

    Keep up the good work,


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