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SE Radio 112: Roles in Software Engineering II

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Host(s): Markus Michael
This is the second part of the two part topic on roles in software engineering. Michael and Markus discuss role definitions in a corporate environment. For several typical roles we give hints on the expected skills, knowledge, and mindset. In this episode we discuss the roles technical lead, technologist, requirements engineer, product manager, and project manager.

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  • Hello,

    Thank you very much for these episodes. Do you have any recommendations for further reading on this topic?

    – Mikko

  • Dear Mikko

    Tough question, as most of the material is derived from personal experience and vocal exchange with others. Regarding mindset of a developer etc. I always like to cite the Pragmatic Programmer
    Regarding agility and more specifically the Scrum roles, any Scrum book would do. Here you also get some good hints on mindset that you can reflect back on classical roles, e.g. the mindset of a Scrum Product Owner that ideally should be prevailing with every (classical) ‘product manager’.

    Hope this helps,


  • In the description of this episode you mention the technical lead but in the podcast I believe you say this is the team lead. Technical Lead and Team Lead are 2 very different positions in my mind. Technical Lead is more of the Architect and the Team Lead is more of the Technical Team Manager. Maybe it was a mistake in writing the description for the pocast or do you see these being the same?

    Thanks! Great Episodes!

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