Andrew Watson

SE Radio 107: Andrew Watson on the OMG

Recording Venue: OOP 2008
Guest(s): Andrew Watson
Host(s): Markus
This episode is a discussion with Andrew Watson, Technical Director of the Object Management Group.
The episode is structured into five parts. We start with the history of the OMG and its early work. Then we look at the set of standards it has been (or is currently) working on. Next is a discussion of the standardization process used by the OMG, including the much-debated topic of compliance testing. We then look at OMG’s relationship to other standards bodies (W3C, OASIS). Finally Andrew and I briefly discuss our common passion, gliding 🙂

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  • fascinating interview -not so much for content but style

    interviewer: “please tell me about x”

    interviewee: “no, i’m going to talk at length about something else”

    strong echoes with…

    developer: “i want to do x”

    standard “no, here is an incredibly complex way to do something else”

    Listen to the interview again, and tell me i’m wrong 🙂


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