SE Radio 100: Software in Space

Recording Venue: OOP 2008
Guest(s): Hans-Joachim Popp, CIO, DLR
Host(s): Markus
In this episode we’re talking to Hans-Joachim Popp, CIO at DLR about software in space. We start out by reviewing some well-known accidents of unmanned space flight that were caused by software faults and use this as a motivation to discuss how to avoid these in the future. We discuss culture, process, techniques and tools that DLR uses to create high-quality software for use in unmanned space systems.

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  • Hi Markus,

    thanks a lot for this episode. I really enjoyed listening to it. There was only one thing I did not like: Too short 😉

    Regards, Jens

  • Hello Markus,

    It is really a great podcast; it is funny in some way because, often when I see some software code I give thanks to god because it won’t be used for control planes, boats or any of those activities that could involve human risks, besides loosing money. Maybe you shared this deep feeling some times too…

    I follow your podcast from the starts and I would like to take this opportunity to give you thanks for this great job! And let you know that each time I have the opportunity, I comment about se-radio to my fellows.

    My Best Regards from Argentina,

    PD: It will be very interesting to know; at least for people involved in software development, how it is the design process of the software by example of Airbus plane and what amount of resources; money, people and amount of time are dedicated to all the development process.

    Sometimes I imagine Miguel Angel trying to paint the Capilla Sixtina just in a week, because it is a market demand!

    But it could be maybe subject of another episode , what frequently tech people relieve on the market demand the responsibility for not to produce a correct software design or software implementation and vice versa, when the market really avoid to tech people to produce good piece of software even over their future costs.

  • But just had a limited amount of time, I was really happy we could slip the interview in at all. I’ll certainly do more or this topic later 🙂


  • Interesting podcast. Seems to backup my feeling that the ‘culture’ of an organisation is at least as important as the methodologies or tools used.

    Markus, thanks for keeping my brain active while I was repainting the house. I have given you a plug at .

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