Charles Weir and James NOble

SE Radio 79: Small Memory Software with Weir and Noble

Recording Venue: OOP 2007
Guest(s): Charles Weir
James Noble
Host(s): Markus
In this Episode we’re discussing patterns for small memory software with the authors of the like-named book Charles Weir and James Noble. We look at various aspects of the small memory problem: How can you manage memory use across a whole system? What can you do when you have run out of primary storage? How can you fit a quart of data into a pint pot of memory? How can you reduce the memory needed for your data? How do you allocate memory to store your data structures? Answers to all those questions are provided in this Episode, and of course in their book.

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  • I have just finished listening to this (I am running a little behind at the moment), and just wanted to say that I thought that this was an excellent episode. Well done to all concerned.

    As an embedded software engineer, I found it very reassuring that others had found similar problems and solutions when developing in constrained memory environments. I am even more pleased that they have written it all down! I am sure that I will be recommending both this episode and the book to friends and colleagues in the future.


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