Erik Meijer

SE Radio 72: Erik Meijer on LINQ

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Guest(s): Erik Meijer
Host(s): Arno
This episode is a discussion with Erik Meijer on LINQ. This is a relatively technical discussion about the following topics: what is LINQ, what are the common abstractions between the different data structures one can access with LINQ, what is the relationship to established languages for querying, how does the integration into the type system of the host language work, how to specify the mapping between the language level classes and the data, and how optimizations are implemented (lazy loading, prefetching, etc.).

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  • I know you’ve talked about audio quality a bit, and it’s improved over time. Even still I’ve still found all your episodes to be easy to listen to… until this one.

    This is unlistenable. If you get a bad line like this again, please just hang up and try calling again. (That’s assuming it was the phone line at fault). I call it the hang-up-and-call-back pattern. It even gets used on live national radio.

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