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SE Radio 46: Refactoring Pt. 1

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Host(s): Martin Eberhard
Changeable software has been a goal of several technique in software engineering. Probably the most important is Refactoring, changing the code without changing the behaviour (or at least without breaking the tests). In this episode Eberhard talks with Martin Lippert about this technique. The episode covers a history of refactoring, a definition of code smells and how to actually do refactorings in your everyday work. Also some advanced topics – like the ROI of Refactoring or Refactoring in dynamic languages – are covered.

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  • Came upon this link from Fowler’s website. I felt I was wasting my time simply listening to gushing praise for Fowler’s book. I expected knowledge and insights – and frank critiques. Disconnected halfway through. This talk should be redone (refactored 🙂 ) to provide more value to the listener – our time is valuable!

  • Unfortunately, have to agree with above comment. I hoped for some more in-depth explanation. Got motivation for refactoring instead. So it’s best for someone who is really a noob in the field.

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