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SE Radio 45: Round Table on Ultra Large Scale Systems

Recording Venue: OOPSLA 2006
Guest(s): Linda Northrop,
Doug Schmidt,
Kevin Sullivan,
Gregor KiczalesHost(s): Markus

This Episode is a round table discussion about Ultra-Large Scale Systems. In 2006, a number of authors (among them our guests Linda Northrop, Doug Schmidt, Kevin Sullivan, and Gregor Kiczales) have produced a report that addressed the following question:

Given the issues with today’s software engineering, how can we build the systems of the future that are likely to have billions of lines of code?

In this episode, our guests discuss many of the issues that arise from this kind of system and provide an overview of the research areas that should be investigated in order to tackle the challenge. If you want to get more detailed information, you can read the ULS Report (PDF).

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  • I’ve come late to the podcast and it appears that the article is now available only behind a pay-wall. Was it always so?

    This was a really interesting discussion. I am finding, in general, the interviews to be more helpful than the discussions — though with some few exceptions. Keep up the great work. Hopefully this won’t have died a slow death by the time I catch up but I doubt it will do that: I arrived here when a friend pointed out the Scott Meyers interview regarding C++0x, which was relatively recent.


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