James Noble

SE Radio 38: Interview James Noble

Recording Venue: AOSD 2006
Guest(s): James Noble
Host(s): Markus
Designers, programmers, engineers, we must all return to programming!
Very few programmers tend to see their (sometimes rather general) difficulties as the core of the subject and as a result there is a widely held consensus as to what programming is really about. If these notes prove to be a source of recognition or to give you the appreciation that we have simply written down what you already know about the programmer’s trade, some of our goals will have been reached.

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  • Working my way through the back catalog, and I just had to leave a comment on this episode. Not only was it very thought provoking (not that the rest aren’t), but James was hysterical. Channeling Billy Mack from “Love Actually” was brilliantly funny!

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