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SE Radio 420: Ryan Ripley on Making Scrum Work

Ryan Ripley, professional Scrum Trainer and host of the  podcast Agile for Humans discusses what makes scrum work and the anti-patterns to watch out for. Scrum is difficult to master. Many times the ways that organizations implement scrum can be problematic. People often change the Scrum framework to fit their organization rather than the organization itself changing. Awareness of the anti-patterns and the  impact these  have is the first step to enable scrum and management teams to recognize similar problems in their organizations. Host Kanchan Shringi spoke with Ripley about the pre-requisites for an organization to adopt scrum, need for management buy-in, the importance of scrum values and the key responsibilities of the roles defined by scrum and the anti-patterns to watch out for related to the roles, artifacts and activities of scrum.

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