John Ellithorpe

SE Radio 419: John Ellithorpe on the Role of a CTO

John Ellithorpe, currently EVP & Chief Product Officer @DNAnexus discusses the role of a CTO based on his unique perspective of having been in that role and having that role report into him. From the book “Book CTO’s at work” – There is no one way to define the CTO role. “CTO’s are managers, researchers, visionaries, entrepreneurs, developers, deployers, project leaders, advisors, and administrators all rolled into one. However, there are similarities and overlaps among these characteristics; the primary one being that they are innovators who look to meet the needs of their customers through the use of the technologies they control. Host Kanchan Shringi spoke with Ellithorpe about defining the core essence of the CTO role, the skills that are key for success in the role, how to gain these skills and mentor others.

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