Simon Riggs

SE Radio 362: Simon Riggs on Advanced Features of PostgreSQL

Simon Riggs, founder and CTO of 2nd Quadrant, discusses the advanced features of the Postgres database, that allow developers to focus on applications whilst the database does the heavy lifting of handling large and diverse quantities of data. Host Simon Crossley spoke with Riggs about advanced SQL, indexes, extensibility and scale; using window functions to calculate aggregates on subsets of data; common table expressions to write performant graph queries within Postgres; user defined data types and user defined functions to support GIS, full text and time series data; foreign Data Wrappers to access data from other datastores such as MySQL, Mongo; block range indexes, generalized indexes, nearest-neighbor indexes; replication and high availability, hot stand-by nodes; zero downtime upgrades using logical replication; ease of use: robustness, accuracy, trust; securing data with encryption and authentication; levels of transaction isolation

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