Sasa Juric

SE Radio 336: Saša Jurić on Elixir

Saša Jurić, author of Elixir in Action, talks about the Elixir programming language, language gaining in popularity. Topics include: Host Nate Black talks with Juric about: Elixir’s relationship to the Erlang virtual machine (BEAM); the advantages of the Erlang ecosystem; the “sweet spot” for Elixir programs; why a new language was needed for the Erlang VM; compatibility between Elixir and Erlang code;  how to get some of the benefits of static typing in a dynamic, strongly typed language using type annotations and dialyzer; the difference between imports, requires, and aliases; how metaprogramming and macros are used to build libraries and the Elixir language itself; when to use metaprogramming; situations where Elixir is not the ideal choice; using Elixir for orchestration;  techniques for integrating native code and external services; the dual nature of Elixir as a functional and concurrent language; breaking down programming problems into their concurrent and functional aspects; how Elixir can radically simplify a program’s architecture; the relationship between scalability and fault tolerance.

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