Kevin Goldsmith

SE Radio 331: Kevin Goldsmith on Architecture and Organizational Design

Travis Kimmel talks with Kevin Goldsmith about the correspondence between organizational design and software architecture. Their conversation covers: what Conway’s Law is; Kevin’s experiences in different organizational structures (e.g., Avvo, Spotify, Adobe, and Microsoft) and how those structures influenced the software architecture; what the “Reverse Conway Maneuver” is and how organizations can leverage it; how organizations can evolve existing architectures.

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  • Travis and Kevin,
    I really enjoyed this episode and sent it out to all my dev associates and 120+ meetup members. I’m in an early planning-stage group for a new 20+ year high-energy physics experiment involving 3-4 national labs and thought carefully during the entire episode how Conway’s Law will apply to an organization/software architect not yet formed. Its a fascinating thought, I’m keeping this episode on my phone for future listens, clarity and guidance. Thanks!

  • Very very interesting episode. It really go me thinking about how our architecture resembles our organisation. I do however wonder if practices like proces and system ownership and ISO-standardisation emphasises this pattern.

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