Michael Feathers

SE Radio 295: Michael Feathers on Legacy Code

Felienne talks with Michael Feathers about Legacy Code. When is something legacy? Is working on legacy different from working on greenfield code? Do developers need different skills and techniques? Testing legacy code. How to test a legacy system? When do we have enough tests to feel safe to start coding? Techniques to make legacy systems more testable.

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  • Awesome podcast. Very useful insight on maintaining and enhancing legacy code easily by adding tests. Thanks Michael for sharing your ideas and SE radio for organizing this event.

  • I always struggle with Michael’s definition of legacy code – code without tests. It seems there should be a different name for that concept.

    Then again, “legacy” would be somewhat arbitrary… code you just wrote yesterday? Code written by someone else? How long ago?

    I really like Michael’s statement that creating many tiny things means “the complexity moves into the wiring”. It’s difficult/impossible to understand the flow of modern OOP applications… but easier to change and test.

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