Mike Barker

SE Radio 254: Mike Barker on the LMAX Architecture

Venue: Skype
Mike Barker talks with Sven Johann about the architecture of the LMAX system. LMAX is a low-latency, high-throughput trading platform. Their discussion begins with what LMAX does; the origins of LMAX; and extreme performance requirements faced by LMAX. They then delve into systems that LMAX communicates with; LMAX users; the two main components of the system (broker and exchange); Mechanical Sympathy as an architectural driver; message flow using the Disruptor library; and lock-free algorithms. Mike and Sven wrap up by discussing how a well modeled domain model can improve the performance of any system; automated (performance) tests; continuous delivery; and measuring response times.

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  • Thank you for your great shows! I am listening to this podcast for a couple of years now, and the quality of the guests and the questions asked to them is outstanding. Thank you for the hard work and sharing this with the world.

    This particular show was packed with great various subject you don’t hear about too much. I liked in particular the link between automated tested and the lack of need of project management. Great to hear!

  • As always a great show! Sven’s insightful questions helped me focus on the big picture. Good job. Keep up the good work.

  • Excellent talks. My feedback is related to audio
    i) Audio Quality is bad most of the times. I understand some people are remote… but this is ‘Software Engineering Radio’ and it is 2016. We should solve this.

    ii) FileSizes!! Seriously? for such low quality audio, I have to download 100MB (most of the times over cellular). This is a double whammy. One, I can’t store good shows permanently on my iPhone and Two, it uses so much bandwidth downloading.

    You should get one of them Pied Piper compression software. I heard they are making them in rectangular boxes

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