SE Radio 209: Josiah Carlson on Redis

Josiah Carlson discusses Redis, an in-memory single-threaded data structure server. A Redis mailing list contributor and author, Josiah talks with Robert Blumen about the differences between Redis and a key-value store, client-side versus server-side data structures, consistency models, embedding Lua scripts within the server, what you can do with Redis from an application standpoint, native locking versus application-level locking, how to scale out Redis, persistence options and some operational considerations in running a Redis server.

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  • I want to thank Robert for the questions, but especially Josiah for giving so many wonderful examples in this excellent interview. When I first joined Redis Labs I listed to this podcast ~10 times until I understood most of it. It provided me the foundation I needed to understand why developers love Redis and the many ways it gets used beyond just a cache.

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