SE Radio 116: The Semantic Web with Jim Hendler

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Guest(s): James Hendler
Host(s): Markus
In this episode we’re talking to James A. Hendler about the semantic web. We start with a definition of the semantic web and by discussing the main ingredients. We then look at (more or less) related topics such as prolog, artificial intelligence, wisdom of the crowds, and tagging. In the next section we discuss the core semantic web technologies: RDF, OWL, inference engines, SPARQL, and GRDDL. We conclude our discussion by looking at the status of the semantic web today and a couple of example applications.

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  • Very well done interview, as usual.

    As mentioned in the introduction to the interview with Jim Hendler, because of the Skype problems, parts of the interviewed were garbled, particularly the last 7 or 8 minutes.

    Another interview with Jim Handler that covers some of the same questions is at: . This is an interview done on 20 March 2008 entitled “Jim Hendler talks about the Semantic Web and Artificial Intelligence” Also on the interview page there are some supplemental links that go into topic in a little more depth.

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    Cliff Thompson

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