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SE Radio 110: Roles in Software Engineering I

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Host(s): Markus Michael
This is the first part of a two part topic on roles in software engineering. Michael and Markus discuss role definitions in an corporate environment. For several typical roles we give hints on the expected skills, knowledge, and mindset. In this episode we discuss the roles junior developer, senior developer, and software architect.

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  • Good overview.

    But I did not get what you have against “computer science”.

    I am an Engineer in Computer Science graduated from and I can assure you we had a strong education, both theoretical and applied (including SW Eng lectures with multiple real-size projects)…

  • Sorry, if a statement has been confusing. We have nothing against computer science.

    It is just that you unfortunately cannot assume on all universities “studied computer science” equals “truly knowledgable in software engineering”. My recommendation for CS students intending to work as a developer is to make sure you get good education in software engineering, e.g. taking relevant courses and working in as you say (close to real-size) projects.


  • Hi Michael,

    I’m wondering if you have any documentation related with the topic you’ve presented in the episode 110, or if you have written information related with roles and competencies desired for software engineers.

    Thanks in advance,

    Juan Carlos Vazquez.

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