SE Radio 94: Open Source Business Models with Dirk Riehle

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Guest(s): Dirk Riehle
Host(s): Markus
In this episode we’re talking to Dirk Riehle about open source business models. We started looking at the way OS projects work and defined different kinds of open source projects. In the main part of the discussion we looked at various ways of how to make money with open source: consulting, support contracts, commercial variant of an open source project, etc. We then looked at the chances and risks of each of these approaches. The next part focused on different open source licenses and how they are suitable for open source business. We concluded the episode by discussing a couple of specific questions and loose ends.

After the show, Dirk informed me about the following three corrections: Black Duck Software’s main product is called protexIP not IP Central, there are presently 70 licenses approved by the Open Source Initiative, and EnterpriseDB has so far acquired $37M in venture capital

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  • Very good episode.

    I think you’re making a good point because those companies that we observe that try to provide more strategic consulting still do this on a fairly general level which means obviously the market is still developing but I am pretty sure you’re right that this is where it’s going that companies will differentiate and build expertise on specific domains or projects.


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