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SE Radio 83: Jeff DeLuca on Feature Driven Development

Guest: Jeff DeLuca
Host: Martin
In this episode we talk with Jeff DeLuca about Feature Driven Development (FDD). As one member of the agile methods family FDD is not so famous as Scrum or Extreme Programming but is becoming more and more popular, especially for situations where you have fixed price contracts. As the inventor of FDD Jeff gives short introduction to the method itself, talks about the basic ideas behind FDD and discusses with us how FDD relates to other members of the agile family.

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  • Hi guys:

    Another great episode. One minor problem though. Your file name length for the MP3 files are getting so long that my Sansa portable player and my cell phone player will not recognize them. Not a big problem, I just rename them. But others might be having the same issue.

    Had the same problem on the Erich Gamma episode.

  • … for pointing out this issue. Didn’t know it existed.

    We’ll make sure episode names won’t get too
    long in the future.


  • I have been keeping away from all podcasts until recently, but now after founding SE Radio, I’ve been listening a lot of it. I specially liked this episode, I laughed out loud while walking my dogs and listening to it. 🙂

  • The whole episode is well worth a listen, but I really liked Jeff’s discussion of how to negotiate non-functional requirements (NFRs) with the customer. I believe that he is spot-on in that IT need to be more forthright on issues like NFRs and access to users or domain experts.

    Very common-sense, very logical, and not at all fussy. I think everyone can take something out of this.

  • Larry Earnest

    Has FODA been used for the larger systems development, say a Next Generation Aircraft?

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