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SE Radio 75: The New Website

Hosts: Bernd and Markus
In this special Episode we briefly discuss our new website. We will migrate to our new website during the coming week. If you experience any difficulties, contact the team or temporarily go to the old site at

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  • The new website is great! The tag cloud is very handy.
    Thanks for your great work. Keep it up!

  • Hi,

    I’ve been listening to SE radio for a while now and I always thought the old webpage was kind of cluttered/confusing. This new one is better.

    In episode 75 the issue of making people register and log in to submit comments was briefly discussed – apparently it’s an antispam measure. Are there any spam filtering plugins for Drupal beyond the CAPTCHA that appears?

    On the other hand, if someone doesn’t care enough about what they have to say to take the time to sign up and be part of the nascent SE radio community, maybe it’s for the best.

  • I think it is ok if people have to log in, since – as you say – we really want to build a community around SE Radio. Also, most other web sites require a login.

    I guess it’s ok.


  • The website looks a lot better, nice work. Having to register an account in order to comment is a bit of a hassle, and that will probably put some people off. I can’t really complain, of course, since I’m not the person who would have to filter the spam.

  • Congratulations for your new web site,
    it’s great.
    And the necessity to login is ok.

  • Hi,

    Its good to see se-radio with new look. Certainly its new look grasps some intention. Now you can also nevigate 🙂
    The idea of the math question is better.

    Keep it up!


  • Hi folks,
    I like the new website as well.
    I’d really want to see the old comments on the new site. I’d also volunteer to extract them from the old site. Is there any administrative import function for drupal to import the comments? Otherwise I would suggest that everyone reenters (copy & paste) his own old comments. Unfortunately I don’t believe the tree/thread structure and order can be kept then.

    Michael Hunger
    Independend Software Developer
    Java embedded SQL DSL –

  • Hi!

    AFAIK, there is no such function. We also moved all of our podcasts manually. So if you would be willing to port them we would highly appreciate that!

    Best regards

  • New website looks good, thank you. But… I will never remember the generated password… there is a way to change it to a custom one, right?

    BTW, thanks for great job you are doing, going to go and donalte to you now…


  • To do so, please log in and click on “My account” on the right side. On the top you’ll see an edit button. There you can go and change your password.



  • Glad to see another Drupal site. Is there any reason not to activate the built-in search function?


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